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  • Coding Dojo: Maze Solver

    Come and join us for some practical coding for fun. All skill levels welcome. Laptop would be good but not essential.

    This is the third of our quarterly code dojos. In this session we will attempt … more

  • Coding Dojo: Sudoku Solver

    What is a coding dojo?

    All coding dojos will start off with a 25 minute TDD and Coding Principles primer (the same each time, so if you don't understand all of it you will have plenty more … more

  • Code Dojo: Packing Problems

    This month we will host a long overdue code dojo session. Richard and Matt recently had to tackle a cube packing problem in production and we thought this would provide a good base for a code dojo. … more

  • Fractal Fun with F#

    In a change to the planned session, we'll be taking a dive into the fascinating world of fractal images, and generating our own fractal trees (and other such creations) using F#. This will be based … more

  • Machine Learning 101: Build you a Skynet

    In this session, regular LS#'er Grant Crofton will introduce us to the interesting field of Machine Learning (ML).

    Want to build Skynet, but don't know where to start?  Grant will give a … more

  • Coding Session - Bowling Kata

    This month we're going to do another coding kata. These are always well received and provide some serious coding fun time.

    We've settled on the Bowling Kata this time. We will be pairing up so that … more

  • Paired Code Kata: Conway's game of life

    Bring your laptop along for a lovely evening of coding at Old Broadcasting House.

    Conway's Game of Life has become a popular problem to use as a coding exercise. It's a cellular automaton that once … more