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  • F# Eye for the C# guy

    We're 3 years old this month. So come along, join the party and find out more about F#.

    Our special guest Phil Trelford will be giving a talk for C# programmers who are curious about F#, and … more

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  • How to build HTML5 apps with F# using WebSharper

    This month Chris Dobson gives us an introduction to WebSharper. WebSharper builds HTML5 apps with F#, the world's finest programming language (according to Grant Crofton at least). See how quickly … more

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  • Fractal Fun with F#

    In a change to the planned session, we'll be taking a dive into the fascinating world of fractal images, and generating our own fractal trees (and other such creations) using F#. This will be based … more

  • All about Testing

    This month the theme will be testing in .NET. We'll have a few talks and open the floor for people to share their thoughts and best practice they've discovered.

    The talks will be

    Why you should be … more

  • Making a simple State Machine with F# Actors

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    F# comes with a built-in Actor framework, using the MailboxProcessor class.  The main reason for using actors is to simplify concurrent processing, but they also hit another sweet spot – they’re pretty good for implementing Finite State Machines (FSM).

  • F# Koans

    This month we're going to be learning F# by going through Chris Marinos's excellent F# Koans. The koans take you on a journey from absolute beginner to someone ready to start their own F# project. … more

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