Inaugural meetup - What do you want from your .NET user group

We're (super:) excited to annouced our inaugrual Leeds .NET User Group meetup at the Old Broadcasting House on Thursday, 31 May 2012 at 18:30.

We thought we'd kick off by chatting about what topics and directions people would like to discuss in future meetups. If you are thinking about coming could you please pick a .NET related news item, so that we have a hat full of topics to kick off discussions.

Richard and I have a few ideas about how topics and formats of meetups, but we are also very new to organising a User Group, and therefore open to any ideas and suggestions on how to make these meetups fun and informative.

Come along if you're interested in developing with .NET and other Microsoft technologies.


  • Omer Raviv said

    Congrats on your new User Group, guys! You guys should add a contact page on this site so potensial sponsors could contact you directly :)

  • Richard said

    Thanks @Omer. The site will be gradually improving and gaining features. Till we get a contact page, people can get in touch with us via twitter @LeedsSharp.

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