Programming a Robot and EF Data Migrations

Programming a Robot in C# using Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio

This month we'll be looking at how we can use our .NET coding skills to explore the world of robotics.

Here's what we plan to cover:

  • A look at the iRobot Create: Anatomy, setup, first contact
  • Moving into Visual Studio: using SerialPort to talk to the iRobot Create
  • Introducing MS Robotics Developer Studio: Components and Concepts, Decentralized Software Service (DSS), Concurrency and Coordination Runtime (CCR)
  • Receiving data from the iRobot Create
  • Sending commands to the iRobot Create

Entity Framework Data Migrations

We'll also be looking at using Entity Framework Code First and Data Migrations.

We'll cover:

  • Creating a data model using Code First.
  • How this generates our data base.
  • Creating our first data migration.
  • How data migrations can be used to update our model and our database.