All about Testing

This month the theme will be testing in .NET. We'll have a few talks and open the floor for people to share their thoughts and best practice they've discovered.

The talks will be

Why you should be doing BDD

Richard Tasker will give us a brief introduction to Behaviour Driven Development. With an explanation of how to translate user stories and requirements in to tests, with a few test examples from a number of different BDD frameworks. Richard is a Senior Developer at HH Global a digital media and print management company. He is enthusiastic about writing clean maintainable code.

Slides: Why You should be doing BDD slides
Blog post: Why you should be doing BDD blog post
Githut: BDD code examples on GitHub

Testing in F#

Unit testing in C# is pretty nice these days, but there are still a couple of bug bears.  All.Of(that<Unnecessary>(Syn.Tax)); can be a bit annoying, and let's not even get into hard_to_read_underscored_test_names vs EvenHarderToReadCamelCaseTestNames.

In an apparently unrelated area of development, more people are getting into F# these days, but having trouble seeing where it should be used - not to mention the difficulties of convincing anyone to let them write production code with it..

As it turns out, there's a way to make everyone happy.   Enjoy the silky-smooth F# syntax to get nice fluent unit tests, while sneaking your favorite new language in under the radar! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: Unit Testing with F#!

An introduction to AutoFixture

Richard Garside shares his thoughts on starting to use AutoFixture. Do you find that your setup code for tests is 90% or your testing code and is a right pain in the @$$%%^ to maintain. Richard does, so this month he's been finding out about AutoFixture to see if it will solve all his problems. Find out if it has in this session.