A Journey into CQRS/ES/DDD & an amble into Xamarin Forms

A Journey into CQRS/ES/DDD

For years Mat McLoughlin used to live and die by the CRUD sword. Building complex repositories and service layers to update my anaemic models, often with complex validation that tried to encompass all scenarios. Then, a while back he discovered the CQRS/ES/DDD sword, the Excalibur.

But this way is not easy, especially for the beginner. Lots of new terminology such as ubiquitous languages and eventually consistency make it a difficult field to enter at first. In this talk he will attempt to demonstrate a simple architecture. Along the way explaining the basic concepts and pointing out any pitfalls that he encountered as a beginner. The aim of which is to provide you with a basic implementation in which to start your own journey into this CQRS/ES/DDD world.

An amble into Xamarin Forms

For years Richard Garside would start his long arduous journey with a single platform, and if the conditions were favourable he'd progress down the narrow overgrown paths of porting to other platforms. Now he thinks he may have found a shortcut with Xamarin forms which promices to be a pleasant amble on a sunny day.

Will Xamarin Forms live up to it's promice of making truly cross platforms apps? Come to this talk and find out.

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