Coding Dojo: Sudoku Solver

What is a coding dojo?

All coding dojos will start off with a 25 minute TDD and Coding Principles primer (the same each time, so if you don't understand all of it you will have plenty more opportunities to practise).

This is the second of our quarterly code dojos. In this session we will attempt to create a Soduko solver.

We will try and match coders into their preferrer language (C# or F# ... or VB if you dare) and also into their preferred testing methodology (TDD or BDD).

Sessions are split into Pomodoros (25 minutes) giving each part of the pair a chance to code with some extra time for group discussions and planning.

The starter project for this exercise can be found on GitHub: Sudoku Sharp.

Let us know you're coming on this event's Meetup Page.