Lightning talks

We will be hosting an eclectic mix of lightning talks (10-15 minutes). Provisionally so far we have:

  • Naeem Sarfraz - Command & Conquer: A journey to CQRS
  • John Staveley - Use it now: TypeScript and EcmaScript 6, here's how.
  • Kieron McIntyre (NHibernate and me, Easy IoC & DI, My dev workspace)
  • Daniel Amini - Service Fabric
  • Kevin Smith - MongoDb
  • Morgyn Christie - State of the .Net market in West Yorkshire
  • Matt Ross - TBA
  • Tim Brown - Specflow tips and tricks

If you want to give a talk on a .Net related subject then please get in touch with one of the organisers, we still have more slots available

Let us know you're coming on this event's Meetup Page.