Tron Battle: Bot Programming

Learn about bot programming the fun way! In this session, we'll be explaining in detail popular game theory algorithms such as the Minimax algorithm, Alpha–beta pruning algorithm, and also the flood fill algorithm, and pathfinding algorithms to combine them all into an AI bot that will compete against other bots live on the big screen.

You can choose between leaning back and watching the Leeds Sharp regulars live coding on stage, or you can bring your laptop and code your own bot as we go along.

You can view the results on the Leeds Sharp Leaderboard before, during, and after the session. 

We'll be submitting our bots on and playing Tron Battle. If you want your bot to show up on the Leeds Sharp Leaderboard, we suggest you register before the event using this link. Once registered, it is important that you update your profile and set your "School" to "Leeds Sharp" (select "Add new school").


In Tron Battle your are a program driving the legendary tron light cycle. The light cycle moves in straight lines and only turns in 90° angles while leaving a solid light ribbon in its wake. Each cycle and associated ribbon features a different color.
Should a light cycle stop, hit a light ribbon or go off the game grid, it will be instantly deactivated. The last cycle in play wins the game.


In this puzzle, you need to move to empty cells while trying to trap your opponents. In order to achieve this goal, you can evaluate your move possibilities by using a flood-fill algorithm, a Voronoï-based method or a pathfinding algorithm.
A popular algorithm for this puzzle is Minimax (or MinMax). With the help of an evaluation method, this algorithm will help you to chose the move that maximizes your score and minimizes the score of your opponent. For that, you'll compute the future states of the game.
Finally, artificial intelligence games are based on your capacity to be creative. Observe, adapt, improve, and share with the community to create a powerful AI.

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