Introduction to Umbraco CMS + Adding Search with Umbraco Examine & Lucene.NET

This month, you'll be learning about Umbraco, an open source CMS running on ASP.NET, and Lucene.NET, a search engine library for adding search to your site.<?p>

Did you know that Vogue, Storm Models, Carlsberg,Reckitt Benckiser (Veet,Dettol,Finish,Scholl), Wired, Glamour, and GQ magazine all use Umbraco as their CMS of choice?

Did you know that NASA, Disney, eBay, Reddit, and CNET all use Lucene as their search engine of choice?

To give us the low-down on Umbraco and Lucene.NET, Leeds Sharp is excited to welcome Ismail Mayat to Futurelabs this month.

Ismail is an official Umbraco trainer, MVP, and senior developer at The Cogworks. He is the founding father of the Umbraco Course: Searching and Indexing with Examine.

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