Upcoming events


  • Running Windows on Raspberry Pi

    With the release of Windows 8 at the end of 2012 Microsoft started a Windows Everywhere campaign. In August 2015 Microsoft released the Windows 10 IoT Core. Now you can run a cut down version of … more

  • The Elevator Puzzle - Sharpen your coding skills

    This month we will look at some fun ways to solve the "Elevator Problem", that is, coming up with an algorithm that transports people on different floors to their chosen destination in the quickest … more

  • (CHANGE) Expression Trees

    In a last minute change we will not be learning about SQL Tricks, but instead learning all about Expression Trees.

    Learn how to express yourself: A gentle dive into Expression Trees and how they are … more

  • Coding Dojo: Maze Solver

    Come and join us for some practical coding for fun. All skill levels welcome. Laptop would be good but not essential.

    This is the third of our quarterly code dojos. In this session we will attempt … more

  • Cryptography in .NET

    Data security is something that we as developers have to take seriously when developing solutions for our organizations. Cryptography can be a deeply complicated and mathematical subject but as … more

  • Design Patterns Lightning Talks

    Design patterns are formalized best practices that the programmer can use to solve common problems when designing an application or system. If you've never heard of design patterns or would like to … more

  • Azure, The Good Parts: Web Apps

    This is part 1 of Richard Tasker's Azure, The Good Parts series.

    In this talk he will show you the features you can use to build web applications in Azure. He will also show you some alternative … more

  • Coding Dojo: Sudoku Solver

    What is a coding dojo?

    All coding dojos will start off with a 25 minute TDD and Coding Principles primer (the same each time, so if you don't understand all of it you will have plenty more … more