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  • F# Eye for the C# guy

    We're 3 years old this month. So come along, join the party and find out more about F#.

    Our special guest Phil Trelford will be giving a talk for C# programmers who are curious about F#, and … more

    Tags: f#

  • .NET Data Storage - What Are My Options in 2015?

    Alex Garland is talking this month about data storage.

    For many years, the relational model was the default way to store application data, and SQL Server was the obvious tool to use when developing … more

  • Coding Dojo: Human.NET

    What is a coding dojo?

    All coding dojos will start off with a 25 minute TDD and Coding Principles primer (the same each time, so if you don't understand all of it you will have plenty more … more

  • .NET MVC Security

    John Staveley will be telling us how to secure our .NET MVC websites.

    The number and frequency of attacks on websites in the news is increasing steadily. However for each company that you hear about … more

  • Micro Services and OmniSharp

    Micro Services: conquer monoliths, before they own you

    "The monoliths have you!" screams Kiran Singh. With their "all in one place" tens-of-projects solutions, entangled dependencies and tied down … more

  • Christmas Meetup

    As people tend to be busy in December we're bringing forward our Christmas meetup to November.

    This is going to be quite an informal meeting. We'll have a chat about how we're doing and what you'd … more

  • How to build HTML5 apps with F# using WebSharper

    This month Chris Dobson gives us an introduction to WebSharper. WebSharper builds HTML5 apps with F#, the world's finest programming language (according to Grant Crofton at least). See how quickly … more

    Tags: f#

  • Code Dojo: Packing Problems

    This month we will host a long overdue code dojo session. Richard and Matt recently had to tackle a cube packing problem in production and we thought this would provide a good base for a code dojo. … more

  • Continuous Integration with AppVeyor and Octopus Deploy


    Macs Dickinson will give us a quick overview of AppVeyor, a continious Integration tool for .NET developers.

    Octopus Deploy

    Jordan Appleson is going to give us an introduction to Octopus … more

    Tags: ci