Upcoming events


  • Code Dojo: Packing Problems

    This month we will host a long overdue code dojo session. Richard and Matt recently had to tackle a cube packing problem in production and we thought this would provide a good base for a code dojo. … more

  • Continuous Integration with AppVeyor and Octopus Deploy


    Macs Dickinson will give us a quick overview of AppVeyor, a continious Integration tool for .NET developers.

    Octopus Deploy

    Jordan Appleson is going to give us an introduction to Octopus … more

    Tags: ci

  • Getting started with Oculus Rift and Unity

    Richard England is an award winning, twice BAFTA nominated creative coder. He's been working on some amazing projects with a focus on Natural User Interfaces (NUI).

    Richard has kindly agreed to demo … more

  • The Alternative C# Stack and Angular

    The Alternative C# Stack

    Mathew McLoughlin lost track of the number of C# developers who work with the Microsoft frameworks. Teams will choose to use WebAPI/MVC, Entity Framework and MS SQL without … more

  • All about Testing

    This month the theme will be testing in .NET. We'll have a few talks and open the floor for people to share their thoughts and best practice they've discovered.

    The talks will be

    Why you should be … more

  • Fractal Fun with F#

    In a change to the planned session, we'll be taking a dive into the fascinating world of fractal images, and generating our own fractal trees (and other such creations) using F#. This will be based … more

  • Machine Learning 101: Build you a Skynet

    In this session, regular LS#'er Grant Crofton will introduce us to the interesting field of Machine Learning (ML).

    Want to build Skynet, but don't know where to start?  Grant will give a … more

  • Xmas Pub Quiz

    Ho, ho, ho!

    This month is our Christmas pub quiz meetup. We'll be testing our brand new LS# Twitter Pub Quiz whilst consuming a few beverages.

    The winner gets to pick from either a Resharper 8, … more