Upcoming events


  • Coding Session - Bowling Kata

    This month we're going to do another coding kata. These are always well received and provide some serious coding fun time.

    We've settled on the Bowling Kata this time. We will be pairing up so that … more

  • Manchester Dot Net Rocks Road Trip

    Richard and Carl from .NET Rocks and The Tablet Show are touring the UK and will be in Manchester this month on the day we normally have our session. So, we thought we'd have our own trip from Leeds … more

  • NancyFX and the Super Duper Happy Path

    To kick things off with Nancy, Richard Tasker will be doing a show and tell on a personal project he's been working on. A budget calculator for personal banking written in C# using the Nancy … more

  • Raven DB

    Show n tell with Macs Dickinson

    Macs Dickinson will be both showing and telling us about some of the projects he's been working on.

    Introduction to Raven DB

    This month Matt Ross will be … more

  • Monogame - Creating cross platform games

    Learn how to create a game that works on WIndows 8, Windows Phone, X Box, iPhone, Mac and probably a few others. Monogame is an Open Source implementation of XNA that uses Mono so you can use your C# … more

  • Board bots

    Will your ‘bot have what it takes to be crowned Champion?!

    This month Grant Crofton is taking charge and challenging us to create a ‘bot in C# or F# to compete in a tournament – to … more

  • Design Patterns By Example

    A quick introducation to Design Patterns followed by 15 minutes talk about a particular pattern, followed by some coding around this pattern - repeat xN.

    If you can, bring your laptop for the coding … more

  • F# Koans

    This month we're going to be learning F# by going through Chris Marinos's excellent F# Koans. The koans take you on a journey from absolute beginner to someone ready to start their own F# project. … more

    Tags: f#

  • Vending Machine DOJO

    This month we'll be doing a coding dojo, which is a group coding exercise.

    How it works

    Two people code with the computer hooked up to the big screen so everyone can watch. One person is the driver, … more