Upcoming events


  • Playing with Kinect and Introducing NCrunch

    We have two talks this month.

    Introducing NCrunch

    Jonathan Powell will be giving us a short introduction to the wonders of NCrunch. In a pre talk interview he told me it was magic.

    Playing with … more

  • Coding Event - Connect 4 Challenge

    This month's event is going to be a coding challange.

    You are hereby challenged to create the most awesome Connect Four playing AI known to man. We'll team up to create our own virtual connect four … more

  • Programming a Robot and EF Data Migrations

    Programming a Robot in C# using Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio

    This month we'll be looking at how we can use our .NET coding skills to explore the world of robotics.

    Here's what we plan to … more

  • SUR-40 (formerly known as Surface 2.0)

    Before the iPad and before Windows 8 Surface there was Microsoft Surface, the handy coffee table sized touch screen. This has now been renamed to the SUR-40, a less cool name, but still a cool device. … more

  • Paired Code Kata: Conway's game of life

    Bring your laptop along for a lovely evening of coding at Old Broadcasting House.

    Conway's Game of Life has become a popular problem to use as a coding exercise. It's a cellular automaton that once … more